10 Tips to Dial in Your Fishing to Catch More and Bigger Fish this Summer

From South to North, from West to East, anglers are hitting the water in pursuit of their favorite pastime — fishing. As temperatures start to rise, fish are on the move, and so are the anglers.



According to the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), America has an estimated 60 million anglers.

If you’re among those who enjoy time on the water, the angling pros at Rapala lures offer these tips to help you dial in your fishing so you can catch more and bigger fish.

1. Organize your tackle box – Spend more time fishing and less time searching for your fishing gear, by spending some time on those cold, rainy days organizing your fishing gear and tackle. Consider using clear tackle trays to organize your lures by species (bass, walleyes, trout, northern pike, etc.).

2. Step up to newer gear – Take a close look at your rods and reels. Consider replacing old, worn-out rods and reels with new modern gear that gives you the finesse and the muscle to put more fish in the boat.

3. Replace your hooks – The first point of contact with any fish, regardless of size, from brook trout to sailfish, is your hooks. Take the time to sharpen your hooks or replace old hooks with new professional-grade hooks, such as the RedLine Series by VMC. Don’t overlook changing the size and types of hooks you use to increase your ability to hook more fish.

4. WWJWD – What would Jacob Wheeler do? If you’re looking for an edge over the fish in your favorite fishing spot, consider doing what the pros do. Jacob Wheeler, one of the winningest bass fishing pros, has been using a new line of soft baits called CrushCity soft baits to put him consistently in the winning circle of America’s top bass tournaments. If it works for Wheeler, maybe it will work for you, too.

5. Change your fishing line – Contrary to popular beliefs, fishing line — even the best line — wears out over time as it rubs against rocks, weeds, dock posts, and even your rod guides. So, if you have line that’s been on your reel for three or more years, it’s time to replace it with new line, such as lines from Sufix, one of the leading fishing lines used by tournament pros.

6. Get new sunscreen – Do you have a bottle or tube of sunscreen sitting in your tackle box that’s so old you can’t even remember when you got it? All skin exposed to the sun is at risk of becoming burned. Replace that tube or bottle of old sunscreen with newer sunscreen, and stock up on lightweight, breathable fishing clothing with UV protection that lets you go all day long.

7. Invest in eyewear – Wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, see fish in the water better, and protect your precious eyes from flying hooks.

8. Try something new – You don’t have to own a $50,000 bass boat to tie into a monster bass. A lot of anglers are discovering fishing from a kayak. It not only costs a lot less, it gives them access to some water, both freshwater and saltwater, that big boats simply cannot get to.

9. Leverage digital technology – Digital technology, such as digital scales, allow anglers to keep precise track of their catches and know exactly where they stand in tournament settings. No more guessing.

10. Revisit a classic – Sometimes, we get so focused on the shiny new latest gadget, that we forget about the classics that continue to produce. One such classic, is the Shad Rap, and now the Shad Rap Elite, which offers a new take on the original with premium components. Considered one of the best lures ever introduced, it continues to catch fish of all species.