Book Review: 68 & Climbing by Kate Douglas


68 and climibingA steamy romantic comedy, “68 & Climbing” follows fashion designer Annmarie Weston and building contractor Nick Marone. She’s from old money Boston while he is a blue collar worker who made it big.

The difference in their social classes is not the problem. The problem is that when they are together, the chemistry between them is so volatile that they don’t even have time to talk because they just rumple the sheets!

And when they finally had time to talk to each other, they realized that they were so different after all. Now, the question is will Annmarie and Nick be able to bridge the gap so that they will reach their happily ever after.

This is only the second book by Kate Douglas that I have read and once again, she surprised me. I thought that she just wrote paranormal books. Her “Spirit Wild” series is so popular!

My mistake! I should have not pigeonholed Kate Douglas as only a paranormal writer. She totally captured my attention on the first few pages of “68 & Climbing

A great easy read! This book is rated M for Mature due to sexual content.