Book Review: Amanda’s Blue Marine by Doreen Owens Malek


How Does Anyone Deserve Happiness?
5 Stars

The title of this review is a quote from the book. And the answer to that question, also from the book is [Happiness] “is NOT something you earn. It’s a gift, and if it comes your way you grab it and are grateful for it.”

This is a romance novel, which means HEA is guaranteed as the ending. Yet, Amanda Redfield and Brendan Kelly had to work very hard to get their HEA. And in the light of the context of the story, Brendan and Amanda’s problems are ripped from today’s headlines.

The title “Blue Marine” was explained early on the book – a former marine who became cop. That was Brendan Kelly’s character. At first glance, the phrase “Blue Marine” summed him up. But, as we go deeper into the story, it became apparent that it was just half a description.

“Blue Marine” is also Amanda’s story. And though she seemed weak at first, she proved her mettle at the proper time and place.

Two lovable and unforgettable characters who proved that true love can really conquer all.

Rated M for Mature due to subject matter.

Amandas Blue Marine