Book Review: Dog Gone, Be Back Soon


dog gone be back soonIt’s House M.D. for Veterinary Medicine

If the book “Dog Gone, Back Soon” is a person, then I would say that it got me at hello, which means that just after reading only the first three pages, I was hooked. Though I did not read it in one sitting, I finished the book in one day.

Meet Dr. Cyrus Mills, veterinarian. He loves puzzles, he is a lab rat (no pun intended) and he has the worst luck in women.

If you are a big fan of House M.D., the medical drama starring Hugh Laurie, then you will love this book. Our hero, Dr. Cyrus Mills approaches veterinary medicine the same way that Dr. Gregory House does. But, if Dr. House was misanthropic, Dr. Mills was a humanitarian and a true animal lover. He is not perfect though. Dr. Mills has many flaws, which makes him an unlikely hero, but we love him anyway.

The author, Dr. Nick Trout happens to be a vet himself, so it would safe for me to say that some of his muses for his animal stories have to be real. Wittily written, there are so many Laugh Out Loud funny moments that I was literally in stitches the whole time I was reading the book.

And though this is far from being a romance novel, the author also gave Dr. Mills a love interest. Actually, there were two of them and it was a conundrum. That situation also provided the readers a better insight on the hero’s thought process making Dr. Mills a fully fleshed out character in the eyes of the reader.

A great and fun read! It’s also a great addition to your library, either e-book or hard copy or both.

This book is rated PG 13 due to some adult humor and situations. There are no sex scenes in this book.