Book Review: Gothic Love Stories by Erica Ridley

gothic love stories

Gothic Love Stories is a set of 4 standalone novellas with a touch of the paranormal which Eloisa James, a NYT bestselling author has described as “sensual, witty and a delicious, dark Gothic treat!”

Gothic Love Stories In a nutshell, the stories are:

Too Wicked To Kiss: Straight out from the game “Clue,” clairvoyant Evangeline Pemberton finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when one of the guests at the Blackberry Manor house party was killed. A case of whodunit, Evangeline has to race against time to find the real killer other than Gavin Lioncroft who was the main suspect.

Too Sinful To Deny: If you love “The Sixth Sense,” then you will enjoy “Too Sinful to Deny,” a supernatural Gothic story with a romantic twist. When disgraced socialite Susan Stanton found herself exiled in a creepy manor infested with ghosts and pirates, her isolated life did not seem so isolated at all. Between unmasking the secrets of the manor and the company of the rakish dark-haired smuggler Evan Bothwick life could be worse. But, what if, it did get worse?

Too Tempting To Resist: Previously released as “Romancing the Rogue,” this novella is about an orphan who has to ask the help of a rakish lord who had broken her heart in the past. You can find my original review of the book here.

Too Wanton To Wed: A woman on the run, Violet Whitechapel finds shelter in the home of Alistair Waldegrave whose daughter is allergic to UV light. Their home is kept in darkness, which was alright with Violet since she is also harboring a dark secret of her own. Acting as a teacher/tutor to the child, Violet was thinking that she can find a life with the Waldegraves. But, when her past catches up with her, that quiet and bucolic life can easily be shattered.