Book Review: Heir to the Duke by Jane Ashford

Heir to the DukeOne boring groom + one boring bride = an exciting couple. That sums up “Heir to the Duke ,” no pun intended.

When Nathaniel Gresham, heir to the Duke of Langford chose Lady Violet Devere to be his wife, it was because Violet, though unexciting seemed to be suitable to be a very proper duchess. But, the night before their wedding, Nathaniel’s brothers played a practical joke on him which showed Violet another side of her future husband.

Their wedding night turned out to be more than what both of them bargained for. And an impulsive move by Violet landed both of them at the center of attention of the haute ton, including the Prince Regent himself.

But, being popular also had a price and Violet was uncertain if she was willing to pay the price and drag her husband’s good name if she made the wrong choice.

Heir to the Duke is Rated M for Mature due to adult situations.



From bestselling author Jane Ashford comes another brand new series of sparkling Regency Romance

Life is predictable for a Duke’s first son
As eldest son of the Duke of Langford, Nathaniel Gresham sees his arranged marriage to Lady Violet Devere as just another obligation to fulfill—highly suitable, if unexciting. But as Violet sets out to transform herself from dowdy wallflower to dazzling young duchess-to-be, proper Nathaniel sets out to prove he’s a match for his new bride’s vivacity and daring.

Or so he once thought…
Oppressed by her family all her life, Lady Violet can’t wait to enjoy the freedom of being a married woman. But then Violet learns her family’s sordid secret, and she’s faced with an impossible choice—does she tell Nathaniel and risk losing him, or does she hide it and live a lie?