Book Review: Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard

rescue me maybeA story about a woman who lost her husband and her dog within weeks of other, “Rescue Me, Maybe” follows Jane Bailey as she makes her transition from a wife and dog owner to a widow and no pet. The premise is great and I was ready for Jane to tug at my heartstrings. But, except for a few moments of feeling the pain of truly losing someone, there was nothing there.

I’m a sucker for dog stories. Being a dog owner myself, the book cover, the title and the blurb resonated with me. And it was good for the first few chapters until I realized how much of a (B) itch the main character is as I get deeper into the book.

No, she did not do anything bad. She was actually a nice person. And that is actually the crux of the matter to me. On the surface, Jane Bailey is a likeable person. But, underneath, she is an unfeeling person. She might believe that she loves her dog, and maybe she does. Yet, it only accentuates what a barren heart she has.

So, instead of feeling some sympathy for her because she took care of her husband that she had fallen out of love long before he had cancer; my feeling for Jane was disgust, even annoyed. She did not care for anyone but herself. Although she tries to approximate it outwardly that she cares about other people.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m giving this book five stars? It is because the author did hold my attention until the end albeit I found the heroine so annoying.

Rescue Me, Maybe is Rated T for Teens. There are no sex scenes in this book.


If you lost both your husband and your dog within weeks of each other but were more devastated by the loss of the dog, would you tell anyone? Maybe your closest friends…Unfortunately, introvert Jane Bailey hasn’t made many friends in Philadelphia.

So when her aunt and uncle ask her to come to Prescott, Arizona, to help at their B&B, Jane packs up and makes the move. On her way, she finds a scared stray at a rest stop. But Jane can’t bear the thought of ever loving and losing another dog. She’s determined not to let the mutt steal her heart. She’s also determined to have next to no interaction with the B&B’s demanding guests and its annoying (yet handsome) handyman. As the dog works her charm, soon Jane must admit that just as much as she rescued the dog, the dog has rescued her.

From bestselling author Jackie Bouchard comes a heartwarming story of loss, love, and finding hope in unexpected places.