Book Review: Unbound – Colours of Love by Kathryn Taylor

unbound colors of loveSteamy and sexy, “Unbound – Colours of Love” by Kathryn Taylor follows the grand tradition of “Eyes Wide Shut” in terms of being an erotic thriller.

But, instead of the setting being New York, the book is set in London. The protagonist is Grace Lawson, a 22-year old American girl from Chicago interning at Huntington Ventures. She’s head over heels in love with THE Boss, Viscount Jonathan Huntington, heir to the Lockwood earldom.

For those of you who are into Regency era romances and wondering what the British aristocracy do nowadays, Kathryn Taylor gives a glimpse on the public face of the beau monde today.

Aside from being an aristocrat, Jonathan Huntington is also a captain of industry and heads his own investment firm. While his business dealings might be covered by the Financial Times, Jonathan’s social life is tabloid fodder.

Grace’s naiveté did not prepare her for that; yet, it is nothing compared to the rabbit hole that Jonathan pulled her into. To say that it is not Alice’s Wonderland will be an understatement.

The first book of the “Colours of Love” trilogy, “Unbound” has enough sexy scenes to get readers hot and bothered while also promising that the second book will be steamier, racier and darker.

Unbound – Colours of Love” is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content, language and adult theme.


Grace is young and has led a sheltered life. She hasn’t yet taken much of an interest in men. It’s only while doing an internship in London, where she meets the alluring Jonathan Huntington, that our sleeping beauty is awoken from her slumber. Jonathan is rich, incredibly attractive, and stems from British royalty – but he is a far cry from Prince Charming. He lures Grace ever deeper into his world of sinister passion, and she is sucked further and further into the maelstrom of her own growing desires. But when Jonathan demands she do the unthinkable to prove her love for him, she realizes just how dangerous her feelings for him are.

Kathryn Taylor has been a writer since childhood – publishing her first story when she was eleven years old. From then on, she knew that she wanted to be a professional author one day. After a few career detours and a happy ending in her personal life, her dream has finally come true: UNBOUND – COLOURS OF LOVE is her first novel.