Book Review: Watching her Every Move by Diana DeRicci


Refreshingly Normal for Paranormal

A paranormal romance, “Watching Her Every Move” is the story of Stacee, a normal human woman and Jonas, a werewolf. A government agent, Jonas was in pursuit of a suspect when he met Stacee. Partly a suspense/thriller and very light erotica, this could be PG 13 if not for the final scene.

This “normalcy” in the storyline is actually a double-edged sword. Some might find the very light paranormal and erotica slant boring. On the other hand, some people like me find this the very strength of the story. Most paranormal stories feature strong women and the alpha of the pack.

Jonas is not the alpha of the pack. He is just one of the members. Stacee is your everyday woman – she has a job, lives in a modest neighborhood and drives an ordinary car. Though there is nothing extraordinary about them, their love story still needs to be told. After all, most of us are ordinary people.

Having a suspense/thriller quality in the storyline made the book stand out. As a reader, I would have liked to have the police procedural aspect expanded. But, this book is classified in the romance genre, so I am not complaining that the author wrapped it up fast.

For a fast and exciting read, I recommend this book. Rated M for Mature due to sexual content.

watching her every move