Book Review: Wild Mustang Man by Carol Grace


Artistic License Aside, it is a Beautiful Story

City girl meets cowboy and there were sparks immediately. Bridget wants to have it all – a career and a family but believes she could not have both because Josh Gentry is emotionally unavailable for love.

Josh finds Bridget more than just attractive. She turned his world upside down. But he was afraid to take chances with love. Losing his first wife had taken an emotional toll on him. All he wants now was raise his 5 year old son and tame wild mustangs.

“Wild Mustang Man” relates how Bridget and Josh overcome their self doubt and find happiness.

As always, Carol Grace told a feel-good love story that is beautiful and heartwarming.


I just have a few comments though. Understanding that artistic license exists, Bridget signing up Josh as the face of Wild Mustang cologne is plausible. But it is not as easy as that. Josh has to be signed up first with an agency, a contract drawn and lawyers involved. From the story line, Wild Mustang cologne is supposed to be a big campaign. And that means there should have been a lot more people involved than just Bridget. I would have expected either two things – Josh travels to San Francisco with Bridget or San Francisco comes to Harmony, figuratively speaking.

For a major campaign that involves print, billboard and television perhaps even online (I presumed this because the camera men shot movie foofage), the money involved can have Josh afford sending Max to an Ivy League school for four years. And thus, a campaign this big should have Bridget running back and forth San Francisco and Harmony. If not Bridget, her assistant at least.

And the shoot was so minimal. A major campaign shot within one day and one morning! And there was no wardrobe, make up artist, director? Bridget can have done the creative but still, just having three camera men doing the shoot without a full contingency support is not just possible for a major campaign.

Other than this major oversight, I still enjoyed the story.

This book is PG 17 due to adult situation

Wild Mustang Man