Book Review: Wolf Tales 10 Adam by Kate Douglas

In the 10th installment of Kate Douglas’ wildly popular series of the fictional Chanku wolves, Wolf Tales 10: Adam is a take on the old saying “love is lovelier the second time around.”

But, this is Kate Douglas we are talking about so she added an edgy romance full of twists and turns. This is also an erotica story, and surprise… surprise! It’s not only what happens under the sheets that gives you an adrenaline rush. There is enough action to satisfy the thrill seeker in you.

The book description (see below) gives enough information for the storyline. Anything I add will be a spoiler. But, if you are hesitating to read “Wolf Tales 10: Adam” because of the #10, please don’t. It is a standalone novel. You will meet characters from the earlier books, but they will be peripheral characters here so you really don’t need to know their back story.

Still, I must warn you. Chances are you will enjoy this book so much that your curiosity will get the better of you and read all the 9 books before it!

Wolf Tales 10: Adam is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content and fantasy violence.

  • Wolf Tales 10: Adam

Book 10 in the groundbreaking Wolf Tales series that captivated the world of erotic romance!

“Definitely not for the timid reader. . . . Oh, to be Chanku!” —Anne McCaffrey

Like all Chanku, Adam Wolf is a loving and sensual creature, and the only thing he values more than his connection to the pack is the deep and eternal bond he shares with his life mate. When she’s taken from him in a tragic accident, Adam is wracked by despair—a despair that quickly turns to rage when he realizes her death was caused by the incompetence of the selfish goddess Liana, who was meant to watch over them.

Liana reveled in the power and freedom that came with being a goddess, but her desires led to her abusing her newfound powers of sensuality and seduction and ignoring the needs of the pack. When her carelessness leads to a loss of life she should have prevented, the punishment is swift and severe—she’s demoted to life as a mortal, and sent to live among the very pack the dead woman came from.

With no choice but to adjust to her new role, Liana surrenders to an onslaught of exquisite sexual indulgence, a test to see if she can she fit in and learn to give as good as she gets. And Adam, torn between his grief for his lost mate and his Chanku duty to Liana, will be forced to reexamine his ideas of belonging and love, even as Liana will have to discover whether, when faced with the ultimate sacrifice, she will make the right choice . . .