Depop: Claiming Space in New York City

DepopSocial shopping platform Depop continues to make waves with the opening of a second physical Space, this time in New York. Following a successful launch of the Los Angeles Space earlier this year, this time the brand is bringing their creative community-centric atmosphere to the East Coast.

Located at 168 Mott Street, there will be regular events and exhibitions to bring together the city’s creative entrepreneurs and those looking to learn more about Depop. Part of the space will be an on-site photo studio that will provide the ideal opportunity for collaboration and creative realization.

“NY is the US capital of fashion, people from all over the world come here looking for inspiration,” says Depop CEO, Maria Raga. “It is also a vital market for us, we’ve grown sales in New York by 500% over the last 2 years. We’re excited to continue this journey by opening a space where everyone can experience the very best of Depop and its incredible creative community.”

The Space launched on Friday, August 24 with a private preview the night before. To celebrate, Depop collaborated with local creatives who are shaping the city’s cultural scene. Designer Sandy Liang kicked off the event sharing her expert knowledge of reworking vintage. From there Depop NYC hosted the first of many community events, embracing art, design, music and the talented individuals behind their beloved merch including exclusive collections from Sandy Liang, Slumpy Kev, and Venus X.

“Opening this Depop Space has given us the opportunity to strengthen our connection with our New York community,” says Depop founder Simon Beckerman. “The new Space is surrounded by incredible places as well as the creative people who are defining NY’s culture.”

Depop’s continued expansion is a testament to the increasing importance of reimagining industry norms and achieving social transparency. Depop is setting the stage for a universal re-evaluation of the way fashion and commerce can operate and empower creative minds.

The Depop Space is open Monday – Friday, 12 – 8pm, Saturday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm.

Photos courtesy of Depop