Don’t set yourself up for a foul on Super Bowl Sunday

watching TV (2)(BPT) – Game day is just around the corner. You and your friends have been talking about the upcoming football game on Sunday afternoon for weeks. You’ve rescheduled everything to keep Tuesday night free for the basketball matchup between top rival teams. You could spend a lot of money and travel time to get tickets to the game, but you’d be stuck peering through binoculars to see the action or wrapped up in many layers of clothing to stay warm. Instead, you can catch every moment of the game comfortable and warm in front of a large-screen TV.

To watch the game on television, your friends may be thinking about heading out to the local sports bar, but with the constant interruptions and noise from different games – not to mention potentially getting a bad seat – you might miss out on something important.

This makes it all the more ideal to host game night yourself. It’s so much easier to just invite your friends and family over to lounge on your comfortable couches while cheering on the home team. And if you have a television 42-inches wide or larger, chances are good that your friends will take you up on your game-day party offer, according to a “Staygating” survey conducted by LG Electronics USA.

Here are some tips to help you organize your sports buds, get the house ready for company and get ready to watch the game:

* No matter how casual the get-together, the guest list is crucial so that, as host, you can plan food and seating appropriately. So whether the RSVP is through text or e-mail, make sure you know exactly how many friends will be cheering the team on toward victory. Email invites might make it a bit easier to get your starting lineup planned, especially if you plan to invite a large group of friends.

* Quality of food is very important to people who attend sports-viewing parties, so make certain your fans aren’t calling foul on what you serve at home. You have several options. You can tell everyone you’re hosting a potluck party, and ask them to bring the lucky food item that will ensure your team’s victory. You can arrange for catering of pulled pork or cold meat sandwiches. Or you can go all out and whip up some chicken wings in a crock pot to be served with coleslaw and cookies decorated in team colors. No matter the direction you go, be sure to have enough good food to keep your fans full and happy the entire game.

* The best game-watching experience is with a high-definition Smart TV like the LG 65LB6300, which allows your fans to see and call the play better than the athletes, coaches or referees on the field. This TV has an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel to give all viewers the best seat in the house – the game looks great no matter what angle you’re looking at the TV from. It’s also an LG SmartTV with Web OS, making it easy to connect to providers like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and YouTube for entertainment long after the game is over. Use the Magic Remote to open an app or flip between games, and your sports fans will be scheduling every game night at your house from now on. LG’s suite of Smart TV’s range from 39 to 105-inches in size.

With these game-day party-planning tips, you might as well put next season’s schedule on your digital calendar now, because no one will want to miss a second of it.