How to Choose the Right Bridal Gown for Your Body Type

Women with pear-shaped bodies tend to have wider hips and shoulders but a narrow chest area. Brides with this body shape should look for a dress that creates curvy shapes in the lower half to balance out the hips and shoulders.

Being receptive to various silhouettes and designs is crucial. Ultimately, you only get one wedding dress, so choose the one that makes you feel amazing.

Right Bridal Gown for Your Body Type

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To shop bridal gowns, brides with this body shape look best in close-fitting styles around the bust and hips. It accentuates the natural curves of this balanced body type, creating a mesmerizing silhouette.

Look for a detailed neckline, like a scoop or V-neck, and steer clear of dresses with an overly large waistline. It could draw attention to your abdomen instead of highlighting your curves. Brides with this body shape might consider a cap sleeve or bolero dress to add some width at the shoulders or bust to create an overall balance.

A trumpet or mermaid-style dress will also pair well with your figure, as these styles course snugly along the hips before flaring out at the bottom for a dramatic look. It is also an excellent style for brides with an apple or pear-shaped body, as it will call attention to your curves while enhancing your defined waist.


Shopping for a wedding dress can first seem frightening, but you can find the dress of your dreams with the proper research. You can focus on choosing a gown with embellishments and accents that speak to your style by determining what silhouettes suit various body types to choose which styles will work for you.

A-line: Slightly flowier than a ball gown, this silhouette hugs the torso and hips before flaring below the natural waistline. It is the best choice for females who wish to draw attention to their natural waist or create the illusion of curves. Petite brides who want to lengthen their bodies may also consider it.


Choosing the suitable gown for your body type is vital to feeling effervescent on your wedding day. A bride who opts for the wrong silhouette could end up emphasizing the bad areas of her frame, leaving her feeling awkward in her photos or even self-conscious on her big day.

Women with pear-shaped bodies have larger hips and thighs than their shoulders and bust, so they’ll want to choose a dress that will accentuate their upper torso. They should avoid dresses with high necks or straps, as they risk drowning out their chest area and giving them a little definition.

Instead, a pear-shaped bride will want to look for dresses with a form-fitting bodice and an A-line skirt that narrows at the top before widening out at the bottom. Deflecting attention away from the hips and thighs will aid in emphasizing the shoulders and chest and balance out their lower body.


You’re a rectangle if your shoulders and hips are the same width or your bust measurement is more prominent than your waist. To identify this body shape, look at your measurements and see if the ratio of your largest size (shoulders or bust) to your second (waist or hips) is greater than 5%.

A rectangular body shape is more straight than curvy, so it’s crucial to choose a gown with structure and definition to play up your natural figure. A sheath dress, which boasts a snug fit to contour your curves from head to toe, is ideal for brides with this body type. For petite brides, this silhouette will elongate your figure and make you appear taller.

Brides with this body shape may find halter and high-neck dresses draw attention to the chest area, giving the appearance of a fuller midsection. However, this gown’s drop-waist design will embrace your chest and hips if you have a smaller waist before flaring into a formal full skirt just below your natural waistline. It will balance your proportions and create the appearance of a smaller abdomen.


If you’re an inverted triangle with broad shoulders and slimmer hips, a dress highlighting your shape will flatter your upper body without making you look out of balance. Look for figure-hugging styles like the mermaid and silhouette dresses and a symmetrical neckline or off-the-shoulder design.

A sheath gown is another ideal choice for inverted triangle-shaped brides. Form-fitting from head to toe, this style will accentuate your curves while keeping you comfortable during the festivities of the wedding.

Sheaths are great for petite brides as they elongate your frame and help you appear taller. If you’re shorter, try opting for a sheath with a lace or embellished belt around your waist to create the illusion of a more extended waistline. If you have a taller frame, consider adding an elaborate or dramatic detail to your dress, such as a daring drop back or draped neckline. Avoiding high neck designs is essential as they draw attention to your height rather than your waist or bust.