Kollar Fall 2020: Kurt Cobain & the Underground Music Scene #NYFWMen

Kollar Fall 2020

Kollar Fall 2020

Titled “Walk the Line,” Canadian based designer David Kollar designing under his eponymous label debuted his Fall/Winter 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, February 5, 2020 at 393 Broadway, New York.

This collection was inspired by the burgeoning underground nightlight and music scene in the 1990s-era New York; a period of time in which the nightlife of the city was characterized as diverse while also acting as a refuge for some of the more fringe sub-cultures of the city.

That period of time in New York saw a shift in what defines “nightlife,” parties happened whenever and wherever they could. There was a lack of concern for setting, with the primary focus being the curation of an atmosphere free of judging eyes. A constant source of inspiration has always been Kurt Cobain and the melancholy left by his absence is another feeling that this show aimed to touch on.

Ultimately, this debut show and collection strived to capture the feeling of freedom, while also highlighting the disarray that comes with few limitations on “true freedom.” This notion mirrored the feelings that emerged as David Kollar was designing this collection.

Photos courtesy of Kollar