MICHELIN Guide New York 2015 Goes on Sale Oct 1

Michelin 10th Edition GuideThe MICHELIN Guide New York 2015 edition goes on sale October 1, 2014 marking a ten year anniversary for the famous restaurant guide in the Big Apple.

The MICHELIN Guide first came to the U.S. with the New York edition. In fact, it was the first city outside of Europe where Michelin published the red guide, whose origins can be traced to 1900 when the company’s founders, the brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, created travel guides as a way to help early automobile owners venture outward more confidently with basic information on road travel that included a list of hotels and quality food.

Today, Michelin publishes red guides worldwide with 24 editions in 24 countries and four continents. In the U.S., Michelin also publishes guides for San Francisco and Chicago.

Edouard Michelin, the great grandson of a founding brother of the same name, said: “A New York guide is part of an old dream of mine. It goes back 20 years. At first there was France, then Europe, but now there’s the world, and New York is the gateway. New York makes you discover other cuisines.”

The 10th edition of the MICHELIN Guide New York will have a special cover recognizing a decade of the guide’s reviews by the “famously anonymous” food inspectors who dine at hundreds of the city’s eateries each year unannounced and undetected. They are treated like any other customer with the food on the plate wielding all the clout—which is the most important reason the MICHELIN Guide remains one of the most highly regarded authorities in the culinary world.

Recognizing this year’s red guide, Michelin is celebrating with a special “Star Gala” on the eve of the guide’s market introduction. This private event, which invites Michelin-recognized chefs and restaurateurs, media and other special guests, is being held in association with its exclusive headline sponsor, Chase.

As part of this special event, Chase presents one of the most compelling parts of the evening, a walk around tasting in which eight Michelin-starred chefs will offer a signature dish from their restaurant prepared with their own distinctive styles for some 400 guests. The Tasting Event has become a tradition and each year Michelin-starred chefs help celebrate the annual release of the MICHELIN Guide by showcasing and sharing their teams’ talents.

For information on the MICHELIN Guide Star Galas, visit www.MichelinTravel.com