Brings Shoppers More Designer Choices

Pearls dot com adds Dazzle Pearls as latest brand to join Galatea, Tara, Imperial Pearl and others calling the uber-pearls website home.

“We’re thrilled to add Dazzle as an exclusive offering combining designer finesse, pearls and Swarovski Crystal,” says CEO and Jewelry Industry veteran Kristian Chronister.

“Our model – offering the consumer the option of branded, designer pearls – is resonating with both consumers and brands,” he adds.

Dazzle Pearls, by LTC, combines quality cultured pearls with the sparkle of Swarovski Elements crystal and Sterling Silver resulting in breathtaking creations. They join other partners such as Galatea, known for their intricately carved pearls that reveal gemstone cores.

Pearls dot com Pendant“We are excited to present our collection of unique jewelry combining the brilliance of Swarovski with the timeless elegance of pearls,” says Carole Kennedy of LTC, the force behind Dazzle Pearls. “Where else but would we do that?” she adds. offers brand-name, premium-quality pearl jewelry in a vast array of styles. We believe there is plenty of no-name pearl jewelry out there of unknown quality. We prefer to work with brand partners who – along with us – stand behind what they create. Led by a team with decades in the pearls & jewelry business, we have A Passion for Pearls and are here for those who do too.

LTC has long supplied the biggest names in pearl jewelry. With the Dazzle brand, they bring their formidable design, sourcing and manufacturing capabilities to bear for the pearl jewelry consumer.