Sneak Peek Concept Korea: Yohanix Spring 2017

YOHANIX ss17 InspirationYOHANIX’s Spring/Summer 2017 concept is about “Defining One’s True Self”. The collection reflects the designer’s view of today’s society and his thoughts on a world that is full of pride and prejudice. Yohan expresses the frustration of people blinded by a misconception of being perfect and wanting to be accepted unconditionally – but rarely accepting others unconditionally – by stating, “Only G-d can Judge Me.”

The Korea-born designer, Yohan Kim, graduated from London College of Fashion in 2007. While pursuing his BA he went to work as the designer for Michiko Koshino’s womenswear and haute couture lines. Following graduation, Yohan moved to Paris where worked for Balmain Paris specializing in leatherwear, later opening his own design studio in Beijing.

YOHANIX expresses harmony of heavy and serious yet humorous sensibility through various fabric, leather blends, couture-style beads, metallic threads, splendid embroidery and designer’s unique prints and signature studs. With powerful details and structured cuttings, he aims to create ‘street carpet’ that makes whoever wears the collection feel like a heroine in the street. Since its inception, YOHANIX has showed collection in Shanghai, Seoul, Milan and Paris.