Stylish New Look in Watches

DALLAS, May 7, 2012/ — One of the things that I do not like in this age of smartphones is that watches and timepieces are going on the wayside.

Most young people believe they don’t need a watch because their iPhone or their Android phone has a clock in it. They want to know the time; they just check their cell phone.

Yet, there is something inherently beautiful in wearing a wristwatch, especially if you are a man. Unless a man is a rapper, wearing jewelry for men is limited to rings and wristwatches. Yes, earrings are also allowed in most cases, but there are still occupations and social occasions that a man wearing earrings is frowned upon.

That said, we are still back to rings and wristwatches are the only socially acceptable jewelry for men in the whole social spectrum. And that is why I am always elated when I spot a new watch collection , whether they are “fine” or “fun”.

Case in point, new from Nautica is the NSR 100 Color Series that comes with a translucent silicone strap in a variety of fun bright colors. It is unisex and perfect for the warm weather and an active lifestyle, only retailing at $95.