New York Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020

bridal fashion week

Believe it or not, brides wearing white is only a 179-year old tradition. Before that, women wore brightly colored dresses, including black for their wedding. It was not until Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding to Prince Albert on February 10, 1840 that the “white wedding” tradition began.That said, “white weddings” are more of a western tradition specially the Christian religion.

Many non-Christians still adhere to the much older tradition of brightly colored wedding gowns or dresses. And this segues us to the changes in bridal fashion.Traditional white weddings are no longer as traditional as we think. Yes, brides still white and many still choose Cinderella style dresses with layers of tulle and lace. But we also see mermaid cut, high slits and even bustier-inspired wedding gowns.

Sometimes, they are not even floor length but mid-calf or even mini dresses. Hemlines are not immune to change. In fact, they are the first one to change most of the time.

But, you still have not explained why the New York Bridal Fashion Week is in a book review website?

Yes, you’re right, Marienela is predominantly a book review website. Still, you must remember that its founder has envisioned it to be a book and fashion website. So, there is actually a “fashion” category.

That’s the simplest explanation. The other more complicated one is that the reviews of romance novels in Marienela is the main reason why the editorial staff decided to feature Bridal Fashion Week in the Fashion Section.

From engagements, to hints of a wedding to the wedding itself as part of the plot, the next best thing to connect the books in real life are real life wedding gowns.

Oh yes, detractors will say, “this is the catwalk. Real women don’t wear that!”

My answer to that, “are you sure? Where do you think David’s Bridal and Kleinfeld get their wedding gowns? Or even Nordstrom or Macy’s?”

Nevertheless, here is the New York Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 collections.

Runway Shows

We will update the list as we publish more of the collections.